Ready To Soar

It’s funny, when I first started thinking about going to grad school during my junior year of college and what I wanted my ideal Capstone project to consist of, it all seemed like a distant dream, and now here I am in my last semester diligently pursuing my degree and making this dream come to life. I could have never imagined feeling this way. I am flooded by a range of emotions excitement, at times frustration and timidity, then comes peace, joy and a greater sense of purpose. For the first time in a long time I feel like I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. My work is an authentic depiction of who I am as a Christian and it reflects my views as such, I think it showcases the best parts of me as an individual and my passion for young people, my unique and creative flair and my desire to encourage and bring hope to others.  There is a sense of pride that I feel while working on my Capstone and with that a sense of humility, because with every article that I write, I have to trust that it has the power to positively effect the lives of my readers. I have to trust that my writing is good enough, and that people genuinely want to invest in what I have worked so hard to build and create. I’m excited about what’s coming next and to see how God will get the glory out of it all.


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