Reading Between The Lines

Sure the world is full of Doctors and CEOs, we work alongside them, we work with them, we work for them, but what do these suffixes have in common? They are titles. Here’s my question though, should titles define who we are? Isn’t being a creative, savvy, intelligent, team-playing, hard working- individual with good character and morale enough anymore?

Granted, titles are not something that are just given to us, they are earned and people in those positions should be respected, but what about the rest of us? What about the college graduate who works as an assistant in a law firm? What about the psychologist who works all day and stays up all night working on cases? What about the computer technician who does the work of three? What about the freelancer who’s working tirelessly to get the attention of a publication or someone to take a chance on him? What about the local grocer, or the barista at your favorite coffee shop?  Should they be treated any differently? Does title determine the level of respect that one gives or receives?  As peachy as we’d like to think the world is, if we get splashed with reality a few times I think we’d see that the jury is still out on this topic.

I’ve been in school almost my whole life and what I’ve learned and observed inside the classroom and outside of it is that status and titles don’t define us, what we do in those positions of influence however does.  There is something special about each one of us and there is a unique purpose that we are called to fulfill, we first have to have the faith to see those things in ourselves, become doers, and hope that others will see that light in us as well.

There is so much more to us and the people around us than what meets the eye, we just have to take the time to read between the lines.

Once you find it, use it, and don’t forget to celebrate it!




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