The Tassle Was Worth The Hassle

Growing up I had an active imagination, but the things that have transpired over the last few days far exceed anything that I could have dreamed up in my own mind. Just days before graduation, I accepted an internship position as an online writer with The Branding Standard & Co.  a boutique branding company that caters to social media management and solidifying an effective digital footprint.( Then, this past weekend (5/14/16), I went up to Connecticut with my family to participate in my Graduate Commencement Ceremony. Two years of hard work,late nights, tears, the prayers of many, and the grace, mercy and faithfulness of the Lord got me across the stage where I shook the hand of the President of the School of Communications and received my Master of Science degree in Interactive Media with a focus in Social Media. I cannot begin to express how amazing that feels. Following that excitement, on our way back to Maryland, my first interview for Upscale got published on their Instagram page!

Now that  I’ve had some time to reflect on everything, I’ve realized that the lessons that I’ve learned while in the ICM program (far too numerous to recount) transcend what I have learned in the “classroom.” Though I have gained new insights and developed new skill sets, all for which I am grateful, perhaps the greatest and most important lessons that I learned during my time at Quinnipiac pertain to my faith walk: how to be completely dependent on the Lord, how to remain in faith when circumstances seem bleak and learning the importance of  coming into full agreement with the purpose that God has for me. Had my faith not been tried, had I not been challenged in such a rigorous way throughout this program, I may not have discovered the untapped potential in myself that had lain dormant in the deepest parts of me.

The revelation that I received even in the midst of seasons filled with peaks and valleys was that the very things that I thought would break me in moments of frustration, were the things that God used to help strengthen my faith and keep me fighting until I completed the program. My journey and my story are not to exalt me; they are truly a testament to how God will keep you, lead, and guide and direct you, when you choose to trust Him with every part of your life. Having the opportunity to share my testimony on this end of everything, to me, is the most rewarding experience because it has the potential to inspire others. Having a Master’s degree is the icing on the cake.

I can close this chapter of my life with no regrets and begin looking forward to what lies ahead.



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