A Writer’s Life for Me

“I’m a writer. I love the way that sounds.”

~Lane Daniels, Beauty & The Briefcase~

There is something special about being a journalist: we get a chance to see the world through the eyes of people. Those different perspectives help create the stories that we write and fill our articles with invaluable insight.

I knew that I enjoyed the process of writing, but I grew to love the interactions that I have with my subjects. For brief moments they let me inside of their world, share fascinating stories about their lives, their passions and lessons that they’ve learned to get to where they are. It would  be foolish of me to ever take those moments for granted. The greatest and most exciting challenge that I encounter is knowing how to recreate their world for the general public, and through carefully chosen words I have the privilege to depict that for my growing audience.

This internship with The Branding Standard&Co came at a perfect time. I have a chance to establish myself on a larger scale as a writer, use my creative flair to share the stories of the individuals I interview, and continue to learn about this field and offer to it a different perspective. I am confident that the lessons that I learn in this position, can only prepare me for where the Lord is going to take me in the future. However the best thing that I can do now is to enjoy the present because it is truly a gift.



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