NABJ Convention Preparation

The countdown and preparation have officially begun. I have 34 days (and counting) left until the National Association of Black Journalists Convention in Washington DC. Journalists and News makers from all over are going to be there!  I’m just happy to be counted in the number (finally). I’m not exactly sure what to expect, but I have created a personalized schedule of all of the workshops and events that I want to attend which helps alleviate some of my jitters.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I am a student of life. I believe in many ways it can be a great teacher. I enjoy learning new things and later on applying what I’ve learned in practical ways. Though I have personal goals: things I hope to take away from the convention like expanding my professional network, connecting with young, passionate writers etc.  I don’t want to be so focused on those things that I miss out on the experience of being at the Convention and all the moments in between. Finding that balance of professionalism and freeing myself up to really enjoying my time there will be key for me.

As I continue to prepare for this event, I am in the process of  revising my “60-second sell”, updating all of the social media platforms related to the Simply Ari brand (including the website), updating my resume and updating my clothes. I believe that

“Every woman NEEDS a wardrobe that compliments her VISION.” 

What I hope for the most though is that I represent Christ well while I’m there and myself as a young professional in the field.


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