Don’t choose to be blind to the injustices that you see. Speak Up! Say Something, you have the Freedom of Speech.

But wait to whom does this freedom apply? If we say too much, speak too loudly, that could be our lives. “Another Day, Another Hashtag” is the headline, is what those who “protect and serve” doing not considered a crime? Who are they protecting, who are they serving? America*…but some restrictions may apply.

As I scroll through my news feed, listen to the conversations in my community, and flip through  different channels on my T.V. the commonality  is that people are hurting, tired and angry, and then I think, how much more is the heart of the Lord hurting? We are living in dangerous times. Morality is lost, Justice is faint, and Peace seems scarce.

As journalists, seekers of truth, how do we begin to write this story? Where do we start? To whom are we writing? For whom are we writing? Is our message falling on deaf ears? Are we speaking loudly enough?

I don’t know if any of these questions can be answered in full, all I know is that we have to do something. 

If we don’t report our news, our stories will continue to go untold.

Our community cannot afford that.

Citizen Journalism and Social Media are our most powerful tools. Use them. Research, Share, Retweet, Repost, and then Report.

“All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.”

-Ernest Hemingway




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