One Nation Under God

Regardless of who’s President, Jesus will always be King.”

On Thursday (7/14/2016) various news stations aired the Town Hall meeting, “The President and The People: A National Conversation.” The space was filled with people of all ethnicities: mothers, widows, children, police officers, news correspondents, activists who represented the Black Lives Matter movement, and many others.

Given the recent tragedies in Minnesota, Baton Rouge and Dallas, I am of the opinion that a conversation like this one is long overdue.  I watched as the nation’s president listened intently to the questions being asked of him.  His responses were careful, studied and calculated.  He appeared keenly aware of his position as president of all Americans and was careful to maintain an objective stance.  His body language and facial expressions reflected sincere engagement in the exchanges.  He leaned forward and made eye contact with each speaker, graciously expressing his sentiments and attempting to find meaning and hope in what appeared to be a hopelessly challenging effort to bridge a chasm that is widening in this country. He was not hurried, but took his time to answer each question, always remaining politically correct.  Raw emotion, suspension, curiosity, and a sound of desperation filled the room.


The President addressed a misconception about the Black Lives Matter Movement, clarifying that the “Movement” does not have a divisive root, but rather is a statement of the vulnerability of African-Americans in this nation.  It is understood that the lives of others in America are considered valuable.  Black Lives Matter merely emphasizes the need for the African-American life to be added to the All Lives Matter mantra. Historically in America, African-Americans have been dehumanized.  It is no secret that America is plagued with systematic racism.  Deep-seeded injustices are just resurfacing and the generation that is being targeted is speaking up and speaking out.


Though President Obama is the highest-ranking political official, he is just a man. The answers that people, neighborhoods and communities are seeking are not going to be found by those in political offices. President Obama can sympathize with the people and empathize with the grieving, maybe even brainstorm ideas about how to protect this country and enact some new laws while he is still President; however, it is God and God alone Who can heal and restore the broken, comfort the hurting, and bring peace and justice to this nation.


“We the People” must return to the Lord. We must pray for wisdom and understanding, learn how to love past our pain, and look toward the hills from whence cometh our help. (Psalm 121:1) That is the only way that we are going to see real change.







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